substraTEE is a framework for Parity Substrate, allowing to call a custom state transition function (STF) inside a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), namely an Intel SGX enclave thereby providing confidentiality and integrity. The enclaves operate on an encrypted state which can be read and written only by a set of provisioned and remote-attested enclaves.

What substraTEE aims to enable:

  • confidential decentralized state transition functions
    • private transactions
    • private smart contracts
    • off-chain confidential personal data records (GDPR)
    • decentalized identity with selective disclosure
    • subscription-based content delivery networks
  • scalability by providing a 2nd layer to substrate-based blockchains
    • off-chain smart contracts
    • payment hubs
  • trusted chain bridges
  • trusted oracles

substraTEE is developed by Supercomputing Systems AG and has been supported by grants from the Web3 Foundation.

We also thank the teams at